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Baxter Baxter Winter
February 17-22, 2005
A four night/five day trip from Matagamon Gate to Abol Bridge across Baxter State Park with a side trip up South Branch and Black Cat Mountains.
Dogtown Dogtown November 27, 2004
It is carved in stone! A visit to a strange landscape of granite boulders inscribed with homilies and adages from another era.
The Chairback Range Day 2 on the
Chairback Range
May 30, 2004
Hiking the Cloud Pond to Katahdin Iron Works Road section for the Appalachian Trail Photo Project.
The Chairback Range Day 1 on the
Chairback Range
May 29, 2004
A hike on the Appalachian Trail across Barren Mountain in Maine to get to my assigned section for the AT Photo Project.
Bigelow in the Fog Bigelow in the Fog May 16, 2004
My philosophy is a cloudy day on Bigelow beats a sunny day on some viewless summit on the 100 highest list.
Boundary and Gosford Boundary Peak and
Mount Gosford
May 15, 2004
A couple of short, wet hikes on the Quebec/Maine border with a group of friends from VFTT.
Mount Chocorua Mount Chocorua
February, 1974
Three high school buddies, sophmores in college in 1974, go on what would be their last hike together before following different paths in life.
Tumbledown Mountain Tumbledown Mt April 10, 2004
Tumbledown Mountain in Maine isn't on the New England 100 highest list, but it is still a fine place to visit.
Mount Washignton Mounts Washington
and Monroe
March 14, 2004
An expedition up Mt Washington and Mt Monroe with a dozen friends from VFTT on a beautiful late winter day.
Pushawalla Pushawalla Pass
The Blue Cut
March 5-6, 2004
A 25 mile hike up and over Pushawalla Pass, down to The Blue Cut Wash and back via The Blue Cut Pass in Joshua Tree National Park.
Tracks Tracks February 16, 2004
A short ski around the back 40 reveals the tracks of many visitors since the last snowfall.
Almost the Hancocks Almost the Hancocks February 8, 2004
Turned back by bushwacks, blisters, and blustery winds, I don't quite make it to North or South Hancock.
Porter and Cascade Mountains Porter and Cascade January 19, 2004
A cold, windy climb of the two "easiest" peaks in the Adirondacks with some folks from VFTT.
Fun on Flume on the Fourth Fun on Flume
on the Fourth
January 4, 2004
Another HikerBob organized hike up Flume and Liberty.
Avalon, Field and Willey Mounts Avalon,
Field and Willey
December 28, 2003
A perfect day above Crawford Notch.

Mount Pierce Mount Pierce December 20, 2003
A snowy, windy hike up Crawford Path.

The Kinsmans The Kinsmans December 13, 2003
A group hike with "AMC board members" on a cold day.
Semi-Pemi Semi-Pemi Loop September 12-14, 2003
A tour of the eastern half of the Pemigewasset Wilderness, including the Bonds, Guyot, South Twin and Garfield.
Saddleback Saddleback Mountain August 31, 2003
A trip across Saddleback, one of the premier ridge hikes in Maine.
The Mahoosucs The Central Mahoosucs August 23-24, 2003
A hike in through the middle of the Mahoosucs, from Carlo Col to Gentain Pond and back to Goose Eye Mountain.
The Mahoosucs The Western Mahoosucs August 2-3, 2003
A hike in the western end of the Mahoosuc Range from Lead Mine State Forest to Gentian Pond Shelter.

The Bigelows The Bigelows July 19-20, 2003
A trip over the Bigelow Range with an overnighter at Horns Pond campsite.

The Baldfaces The Baldfaces June 14-15, 2003
Nellie and I try out the new tent in Evans Notch, Maine.
Erratics Erratic Hike May 10 , 2003
A glacial erratic is a boulder carried by glacial ice and deposited some distance from its place of origin. This hike visits three well-known erratics on Mt Washington.
The Coxcombs The Coxcombs March 21-22 , 2003
A hike through the Mohave to some seldom visted mountains in the eastern Joshua Tree NP.
Zealand Notch Zealand Notch February 23-25 , 2003
A three day ski trip to Zealand Hut and the Pemigawasset Wilderness.
Moxie Bald Moxie Bald September 29, 2002
Though only 2629' high, this central Maine mountain often provides AT thru-hikers their first glimpse of Mount Katahdin, 60 miles to the NE.
Gros Morne NFLD Gros Morne August 8, 2002
Dianne, Nellie and I climb the second highest peak in Newfoundland.